Are negative emotions such as fear holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams?

Do you suffer from anxiety or phobias?

Do you want to let go of past negative emotions so they no longer hold you back?

Do you feel nervous in situations or feel fearful of the future?

Do you have limiting beliefs such as I’m not good enough holding you back from moving forward in life?

Would you like to start achieving your goals and feel happy and positive about your life?

Then Timeline Therapy™ (TLT) is for you. 

Timeline therapeutic is a process that was developed in the 1980’s by Tad James.

Frequently asked questions:

How does it work?

TLT eliminates painful emotions that are attached to events or memories in a person past. Not only does the process work on eliminating negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt, gilt, or limiting beliefs it also focuses on what an individual can learn from these events and stores these learnings for future use.

Timeline Therapy™ takes people back to when they first experienced these negative emotions or limiting beliefs via their subconscious memories.

How can it help you? 

It can get results in 6 sessions or less starting with the first session.

Imagine creating the life of your dreams but no baggage attached to it.

When used in conjunction with hypnotherapy and NLP concepts, it is a very powerful process that will take a person where they are now in life to where they want to be.

It will liberate you to live the life you want and deserve, without negative emotions or limiting beliefs holding you back.  

It will enable you to set goals in your future that you can realistically achieve.

It will free you from the past negative experiences and help you create your life of dream by helping you set realistic achievable goals.

Why is releasing past negative emotions important?

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs are what hold people back in life and prevent them from achieving the life of their dreams.

Many studies have found that unresolved emotions are stored in the sub conscious mind, and can effect how the body functions, and can also lead to the development of illnesses in the physical body.

Releasing these negative emotions can therefore lead to a healthier mind, body, and spirit, which results in a happier, more positive life.

Why is Timeline Therapy™ so effective?

Unlike other therapies, when experiencing time line therapy (TM) an individual does not have to “re tell” the experience. With other therapies the individual has to talk about their experiences, which makes the individual relive the experience, and all the associated feelings and pain.

Time line therapy(TM)  instead recognises what the negative emotion is such as anger, and looks for the “root cause” of the emotion ie when the person first experienced that emotion, preserves the learnings  from that experience and then removes the effect that this experience had on that individual, so it no longer affects their lives, all via their sub conscious mind.

Change your thoughts and your emotions and your life/behaviours will change.

                 Live the life of your dreams with no baggage attached

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