Do you want to :

• Quit smoking
• Loose weight
• Remove phobias
• Have greater confidence and higher self esteem
• Be highly motivated or successful
• Remove addictions such as gambling
• Quit having anxiety attacks.




Research shows that : You will have a  93% success rate after 6 sessions or less. 85% of people who experience hypnotherapy respond to it better then behavioural therapy and psychotherapy.
Make yourself a better person today improve your health and well being try hypnotherapy. 

Definition hypnosis: A state which resembles sleep but in which you can hear and respond to questions or suggestions. It is compared on a daily basis to going to sleep or day dreaming. (Mirriam webster)-  Dictionary 

The use of hypnosis to help people with emotional and psychological problems in a counselling or therapeutic session is known as hypnotherapy. 

The New York Times has stated that hypnosis is the epitome of mind body medicate, it can enable the mind to tell the body how to react and modify the messages that the body sends the mind.


How does hypnotherapy work?

We have 2 connected minds the conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious is the mind that you are aware of, it’s reading these words for you. The unconscious mind is the part you are not aware of, it’s making your heart beat you breath smell the air, feel things to name just a few examples.

The Subconscious mind stores all the information that you have processed in your entire life! It is responsible for your habits, Beliefs, fears, memories, emotions, and the body’s automatic response such as the bodies healing processes.

It works approximately 220 times faster then the conscious mind. 

The hypnosis works by bypassing the conscious mind and working with the subconscious mind by reprogramming your habits, beliefs, behaviours, responses and memories. Thus changing your thoughts which change your behaviours.

Does a hypnotised person give up control?

No not at all. A person is always in control of the process. A person can not be made to do anything that don’t want to do or anything that goes against there ethics morals values or beliefs.

You are always in control.

How does hypnosis feel?

An individual feels very calm and relaxed when in a hypnotic state, like people who meditate are day dreaming, or when they are about to fall asleep.

Can I get stuck in hypnoses?

No not at all an individual has the power to emerge from a hypnotic state when ever they wish too.


When hypnotherapy is combined with theta healing and the one command process and time line therapy,it will be a life changing transformation - guaranteed.

Both theta healing and one command use meditational processes that create physical psychological and spiritual healing one command is also useful for removing the little voice that tells you “ you cant do it”.

Theta healing works on changing your minds programs on 4 belief levels core ( what you are taught in life), genetic programs inscribed through our ancestors or in our genes, historic level, the memories we hold from our passed life experiences and soul ( spiritual from the heart level outwards) 


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