My name is Giuseppe (Joe) Cuzzilla,  the founder of AAATransformational Coaching and Training.I am also the founder of THE INSTITUTE OF PEAK PERFORMANCE. This is my story. 

I'm an older bloke now. All my life I struggled, nearly been declared bankrupt. 
I was born into a European migrant family with a loving mother and tough as nails dad. The youngest of six siblings, with 4 older sisters then my older brother and me.
I was constantly compared to my eldest brother, who was smart, charming and the apple of my fathers and mothers eye.

My problems started when I had my what they thought was an  epileptic fit  ( later diagnosed as too much sugar via soft drinks) when I was just two years old. That was the first of many fits in the years to come. Lots of visits to Melbourne Children's Hospital.

My mother's reaction was to protect me at all costs. 

This meant in her eyes that she shouldn't make me upset because I could take a turn for the worst. Funny thing, even at two years old I learnt how to manipulate this to my advantage. 

How did I manipulate that?

I would start screaming whenever I didn't get what I wanted. What did I want?  I wanted lots of sugar drinks and sugar sweets.

My mother would provide them for me. I grew very fat, and unhealthy. The fits kept coming.
I went to school and I got bullied for being fat. (What do you expect I guess?) 

I hated school and used to switch off not learning anything much. I was 20 Kilos overweight at the age of 12  and sucked at sport and academically. 

Meanwhile my tough as nails dad would tell me every day that I was useless and "Why can't you be like your brother".
I don't know how many times he said every day that I wouldn't amount to much.

(I got to say I love my brother and sisters. My brother would always tell my Dad that he shouldn't talk to me like that ... but it didn't make any difference) 
It was before people knew about psychology and the adverse impact of continual negative statements on young people.
I left school and couldn't get a job but I was smart enough to start my own business. Well not really smart just the only thing I could do to bring some money home.

I got into financial trouble and basically owed the banks thousands and thousands of dollars in credit card debt.
I spent 15 years with a woman and then she left me for "greener pastures", and I was on the verge of being declared bankrupt.
I was an f.....n mess to put it in colloquial terms. 

At one stage I weighed 130 kilos which for my height 165cm (5' 4") put me in the grossly obese category.

Then I saw the light (After 50 years of struggle I saw the light Hallelujah!) ... thank god. 

I went and trained with one of the best teachers in the world, and the inventor of Time Line Therapy(R) , Tad James, and became a master trainer in NLP, Time Line therapy(R), Hypnotherapy, and Coaching, became a member of the relevant world wide recognized boards and associations: American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, American Board of Hypnotherapy, The time Line Therapy (R) Association,and commenced coaching and teaching.

You too can become a practitioner, master, coach, and trainer in all 4  by completing the courses through us.

NLP changed my life .... I've used all the techniques personally to redefine who I am and what I can do.
When I have a bit more time I'll update this section to give you more of an insight on how I did that. 

Now I own a beautiful 4 bedroom house in Outer Melbourne. I drive a beautiful car. 

Even with NLP though the journey hasn't been easy and it's still not easy, but I have changed my life.

I love the NLP techniques. I love how I feel now. I love that I can kill the negative thoughts in my head almost instantly. I love that I can visualise what I will be like in the future and actually achieve that vision most of the times, through setting goals in the future, another NLP technique, 

I believe that my team and I can help you change your life as well. If I can do it then you can do it!

My biggest regret? That it took me so long to discover and internalise NLP. Don't you make the same mistake!

Call me now or email me now. Don't leave it one minute longer! You deserve a better life.

Call  now Giuseppe (joe) Cuzzilla on 0411572430 for a free consultation and if you wish to take it further  make an appointment .  

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